RUDIDELIVERS: Creative Concerts, Keynotes, Workshops and Rituals


Songs of Love, Lessons & Laughter

Whether playing solo or with his band, Rudi + The Rudiments, Rudi inhabits each performance fully.  Blending meticulously crafted songs with spontaneous creations, and insightful stories, Rudi delivers an infectuous mix of folk-rock-rhumba-reggae rhythms, and a playful sense of humor.

     Audiences feel drawn to participate by his playful presence, warm voice, accoustic guitar, piano, flute, kazoo and harmonica -- along with a well-honed knack for dancing, drumming and drama .

     Part shaman, part showman, part sacred psychologist, Rudi creates musical celebrations that make everyone feel welcome and happy to be there.

Rudi offers:

  • concert sets for music festivals, conventions and meetings

  • full shows for coffeehouses, diners, house concerts and other venues

  • custom-designed programs for corporations, civic groups, churches and retreat settings


Learning by Experience

Employing his patented blend of upbeat music, gentle movement, inspiring words and silence, Rudi help others experience enhanced levels of inner peace, creativity and abundance.  Each workshop is customized to address the specific needs of the event.


Sharing Co-Creative Space
    Rudi helps connect people to who they really are. Novices become competent, and professionals become more fluid, gaining confidence, energy and new tools for self mastery


Keynote Speaker
     Rudi Harst has just the right songs and stories to reinforce the purpose and meaning of your gathering.  He can open your convention with an invigorating welcome, punctuate your business meeting with laughter, spice your luncheon with stories or close your conference with a spontaneously generated song of unity.


Celebrating Commitment and Tribute

An ordained minister, Rudi leads individuals, families and communities through meaningful and moving rituals to celebrate sacred passages:


  • marriage and commitment

  • a new baby

  • coming of age

  • career and life transitions

  • house blessings

  • memorials

Each ritual is customized to fit the specific occasion, venue and circumstances.

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