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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Once again, I find myself sitting at my desk feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks, projects and communications demanding my time and attention today. But rather than give in to that feeling, I make a conscious choice to pause, take a few breaths and focus on my purpose for sitting in this chair. I recall my purpose statement, written several years ago, but still resonant in my soul as I remember and repeat it now: "I am here to experience, explore and express the free flow of Spirit moving to and through me, as I co-create a world of harmony, prosperity and peace now."


Taking this opportunity to re-frame my tasks in the larger context of my Life Purpose helps me remember that I'm not here just to mark things off my To Do List. This is not a race or a contest that I can win or lose. I'm simply here to do my best to experience, explore and express Life flowing through me. Not just for my own sake, but for the sake of helping co-create a world of harmony, prosperity and peace. To be Present, Peaceful and Prospered. No more, no less.


Yes, there are still multiple tasks waiting to be handled, and, yes, they are mine to do. And, yes, it's easy for all of this to sound (and feel) a bit grandiose. So what? The fact remains, that over the years, whenever I've been able to be fully present and at peace with whatever/whoever I am faced with, I've experienced an abundance of time and resources to deal with the challenges. I choose to believe that as long as I remember to operate out of a sense of purpose, rather than from my ego, I will be "prospered" - in the original sense of original Latin word prosperare, meaning "to do well." It may or may not involve money, but it always involves a sense of ease and joy.


Of course, I'd forgotten all of this a little while ago. I forget all of this on a regular basis. That's okay, too. Because forgetting just means I get another chance to remember. Whatever tasks or lessons I'm facing, I can exercise my free will to see my circumstances as being onerous or hard - or choose to view them as being opportunities to experience limitless love and abundance of energy in expression. I won't always get to choose the work that needs to be done - but I'm always able to frame it and claim it in a peaceful, powerful and prosperous way. At least, that's my choice, but I'm sticking to it.

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