Rudi sings and speaks with passion, peace and power.

Rudi seeks out life's lessons and shares what he has learned by creating an engaging song, a colorful story, a calming meditation or an uplifting talk. He entertains by sharing his words and music in concerts, classes, inspirational talks, essays, workshops and retreats. 


Rudi was born into an Indonesian-Dutch family that emmigrated from the Netherlands to the small, rural town of New Braunfels, Texas when he was five years old. The second of six sons, he enjoyed a normal, loving childhood, but always felt like an observer, an outsider, a stranger in a strange land.


“I grew up with a father who thought Indonesia was the best country in the world, a mother who believed that the Netherlands was the best country in the world and teachers who seemed certain that America was the best country in the world. I respected my parents as well as my teachers, so I chose to believe that all of them were right, since I was from all of those places and none of those places.”


Rudi responded by seeking out and creating a place for himself: a place of community and constructive thinking.

He developed two career paths: he studied psychology and spirituality at Trinity University and he sang folk/rock songs in coffeehouses, cafes, churches and bars. Each path presented obstacles and portals. Graduate school failed to produce a satisfying way to pursue his questions and implement the clues. The troubadour’s life took him back to Europe and across America numerous times, building a solid fan base, while performing in a wide variety of venues and recording eight albums of original music.

As he traveled, Rudi listened, read, and studied with a variety of teachers in psychology, spirituality, movement, meditation and performance art. He developed a gift for integrating these divergent views and communicating them creatively.   In 1992, he and his wife, Zet, co-founded the Celebration Circle of San Antonio, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, interfaith organization with a creative approach to spirituality which he served as Spiritual Director until May 2019.


His teaching and learning continue, and every step in the journey reveals more clues, which he shares freely and joyfully at every opportunity.


Thank you for your support.